A ‘council’ is a group of local PTA units (no less than three) organized under the authority of the State PTA for the purpose of promoting conferences, communications, leadership development, and coordination of efforts of such local PTA units…..Each State PTA may create or establish councils in counties, cities, and other areas designated by its board of managers/directors.-National PTA Bylaws

Purpose of Councils

Councils play an important role in the PTA. They provide support and assistance to the PTA units within their areas and are a valuable resource of guidance and information. 

Council Leadership

A person must be a member of a local PTA/PTSA unit in order to serve as an officer or committee chair of the council.  It is a good idea to draw council leaders from among PTA presidents, officers and chairpersons who have worked effectively in their local units and whose terms of office have expired. As in the local units, it is important for council boards to cultivate leaders from the local units who might step up to council leadership.  When identifying potential council leaders, keep in mind that it is important for these individuals to have the ability to look at the “big picture” and to understand the structure of PTA.

Working Relationships

A council has a responsibility to unite the home, school and community on behalf of children and youth.

It is important, therefore, for a council to cooperate with other community organizations and agencies having similar goals. A council can develop good public relations and serve as a channel of communications between the school and the community.

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