2019 -2020 General Meetings & Events


Audit Palooza

Monday, July 15th

Tuckahoe Library, 6:30-8:30p

Monday, July 23rd

 Gayton Library, 6:30-8:30p

Monday, July 15th

Sandston Library, 6:30-8:30p

The purpose of the AUDIT PALOOZA is to assist local units in completing their audits and IRS-990 forms.  Units are encouraged to review attending unit's files to complete each others audits.   

PTA Local Unit Meeting

January 2020

Location, TBD

6:30 pm


Back to School

Family Engagement

HCPS Leadership

Tues. Aug.13th

Hermitage High School, Library

6:30 pm

Meet and greet with

Dr. Cashwell, HCPS Superintendent

& Principals

HCPS Family Engagement Breakout

HCCPTA 101 Breakout

Reflections Awards Progra

February, 2020

Location, TBD


School Board Break-out Session

Tues. Oct. 15th

Location, TBD

6:30 pm

Magisterial Breakouts with school board representatives, candidates, etc. 

PTA Programs Breakout


Awards Banquet

May 2020

Location, TBD

5:30 pm



November, 2019

Location, TBD

Central drop-off locations for Reflection Entries.  ALL ENTRIES must be received by this date (NO EXCEPTIONS).

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