Jackie Liang

L. Douglas Wilder Middle School PTSA

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Visual Arts

Adoption Center Origami

I believe people should adopt more from shelters. It’s crazy how people will pass up adopting animals in need of love and care for a certain breed of a pet. People trying to brag with an animal is incredibly stupid. Animals just deserve love and care and some people don’t think that. I made origami of an animal shelter because I love making origami and animals. Specifically cats because I have 3 cats. I hope people will adopt pets from shelters more if they were to see my origami. If animals don’t get adopted in a really long time, the shelter can no longer do anything for the animal and have to put it to sleep. Millions of shelter animals die like that everyday. I want my origami to try to regulate adopting from shelters.

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