Sreetoma Bag

Shady Grove Elementary School PTA

Intermediate (Grades 3-5)

Dance Choreography

Fusion Dance Choreography.

I am passionate about dancing and like to do fusion choreography. When I got the theme of this year “I will change the world by”, I thought a lot about the current situation of the world and how we can change. We have gone through a lot of difficult times in the last one and half years. Lost a lot of life. Still the world is recovering from the pandemic. I believe we can overcome the situation by staying safe and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We also try to keep our mind free of stress. Some happy dance moves make us fit as well as keep our mind full of joy. That is why I decided to do a fusion choreography of Indian classical dance moves in a funny joyful western song. I hope you will like it and move your body with joy.

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