Ridhaan Chatterjee

Rivers Edge Elementary School PTA

Primary (Pre-K - Grade 2)

Film Production

I can change the world by saving my planet - Earth

The Earth is the only inhabitable planet that we know of !Yet, it is getting hotter and polluted everyday due to human activities. We must remember we are not alone here. Our Earth is home to nearly 8.7 million species that includes a variety of land and aquatic animals .But today the existence of many big and small creatures are threatened .The loss of trees has caused climate change , desertification , soil erosion , fewer crops ,flooding, water pollution and a host of problems for many life on land and water.So through my film I have highlighted the problem that our home, Earth is facing and suggested few solutions to make sure we overcome all the obstacles and make sure we preserve and protect our home that is our planet Earth .It's our collective responsibility ! Let's save Planet Earth !

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