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Helping Families in Need

One year after the pandemic shuttered schools across the nation, we better appreciate that public schools provide so much more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. They can be a child's primary source of food, the first intervention in cases of abuse or mental health struggles, and a connection to available community supports. And as we move forward, PTAs can play a larger part in meeting these non-educational needs.


What started as a plan for Henrico PTAs to help families facing food insecurity find resources when schools are closed has blossomed into something incredible! In collaboration with the HCPS Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE), local PTA leaders and members will help build a central database of local non-profits and government services so families in need can find support in one location.


Once developed, FACE will maintain a countywide list of community resources on its website, which PTAs can share with their families.

We need your help! 

Anyone can help us build this vital community resource. Contribute here.

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