2020-2021 Slate of Officers

1st Vice President Programs..........Michael French
2nd VP Membership..........Vacant
Treasurer..........Mattie Jones
Secretary..........Suzanne McNiven

Important Information

HCCPTA Newsletter 

During our virtual 4/30/20 HCCPTA General Membership Meeting, a quorum of council of members voted to establish the 2020-21 Nominations Committee.  The committee solicited nominations for a slate of officers through 5/17/20.  The persons listed above are seeking consideration for the upcoming term of office.   


HCCPTA is planning its next General Membership Meeting for a date and time after 7/15/20 to allow for the 30 day slate of officers posting period.  At the General Membership Election Meeting, additional nominations may be from the floor.  

For more information about the nomination process, you may contact,  Sharita Bryant, President or Ali Brown, Nominations Chair  

Calendar of Events


HCCPTA is in communication with community partners in effort to support our local PTA leaders.  We encourage units to stay informed with updates from Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS), adhere to CDC guidance on social distancing and to keep you, your family, and your community healthy.


We are consistently monitoring information and sharing resources on a regular basis.  We also encourage you to visit VAPTA's COVID-19 site for information and links to detailed information related to this universal crisis.    The site even provides information regarding talking to your children about the virus, family learning at home resources, and information regarding conducting PTA business. 


If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to your HCCPTA leaders.  We are here to support you ALWAYS. 

Warmest Regards, 

Sharita L. Bryant

2019-2020 President

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