Our Mission

What is HCCPTA?

​The Henrico County Council of PTAs (HCCPTA) works with Henrico County's PTAs and PTSAs to provide our children with the highest-quality educational environment. It serves as a link between local PTAs, the Richmond District PTA, the Virginia PTA, and the National PTA. The HCCPTA's elected Board strives to be a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for the education, health, and well-being of every child. HCCPTA cultivates meaningful partnerships with various stakeholders (including parents, students, communities, and school systems) while serving as the primary resource for parent advocacy and involvement within Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS).

HCCPTA's Goals

  1. Foster communication between PTAs to share best practices and respond to common concerns.

  2. Provide a unified and effective voice for parents, teachers, and students in discussions with Henrico County Public Schools and Henrico County's school board and board of supervisors.

  3. Connect Henrico County's PTAs and PTSAs with resources, support, and advocacy provided by the Richmond PTA District, Virginia PTA, and National PTA.

HCCPTA's Duties

  • Support local PTA units individually and as a whole.

  • Coordinate the National Reflections program at schools across the county.

  • Provide background information on issues affecting children and youth.

  • Host Meet and Greets and Breakout sessions where parents and teachers have the opportunity to interact with each other and also get to know our local and state elected officials.

  • Provide leadership training workshops for local PTA officers and committee chairs.

  • Assist in the formation of new PTAs and PTSAs.

  • Maintain a directory of all PTAs in Henrico County.

  • Publish the HCCPTA newsletter.

  • Mobilize PTA membership throughout the county to act on local, state, and national issues affecting children and youth.

  • Testify before Henrico County's school board, county executive, and county council.

  • Present prioritized proposals and concerns regarding educational budgets to Henrico County's school board and county council.

  • Adopt positions on proposed legislation and work with our elected local and state officials.

  • Work with Henrico County Public Schools to recruit parent representatives for task forces, study groups, and committees.

  • Disseminate information about changes in the school system, school board policies, and state actions.

Board of Directors

Read HCCPTA's Standing Rules for position duties, and email Jessica Corbett at president@hccpta.com if you want to apply or learn more.

Important Note: We Need More Board Members!

What type of board member are you?

Do you like creating teams and connecting them to each other and resources? Consider becoming our:

  • Fairfield Area Representative

  • Tuckahoe Area Representative

Do you want to empower parents to improve schools? Consider becoming our:

  • Advocacy Chair

  • DEI Chair

  • Family Engagement Chair

Do you like to celebrate people for their accomplishments and contributions? Consider becoming our:

  • End-of-Year Banquet Chair

  • Scholarship Chair

Executive Committee, 2022–23


Jessica Braum Corbett, president@hccpta.com

1st Vice President—Programs

Debbie Long, programs@hccpta.com

2nd Vice President—Membership

LaShawn Payne, membership@hccpta.com


Heather Goodman, secretary@hccpta.com


Victor Chen, treasurer@hccpta.com

Area Representatives, 2022–23


Crystal Lett, brookland@hccpta.com


Vacant, fairfield@hccpta.com

Three Chopt

Josh Skillman, threechopt@hccpta.com


Vacant, tuckahoe@hccpta.com


Mattie Jones, varina@hccpta.com

Committee Chairs, 2022–23


Vacant, advocacy@hccpta.com


Vacant, banquet@hccpta.com


Vacant, bylaws@hccpta.com


Heather Goodman, communications@hccpta.com

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)



Vacant, extension@hccpta.com

Family Engagement

Debora Ringgold, daringgold@henrico.k12.va.us

Reflections/Cultural Arts

Deborah Jackson, reflections@hccpta.com


Vacant, scholarship@hccpta.com


Michael L. French, sponsorship@hccpta.com

Henrico County Public Schools Liaison

Adrienne Cole Johnson, accole1@henrico.k12.va.us